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Blue Rose Media Solutions specializes in providing solutions that go beyond traditional marketing. We create solutions that are strategically sound, contemporary and effective. Out-of-the-box creative solutions, Brand Identity, Creative Photography and Interactive Video Production are just a few strengths amongst our diverse and vast portfolio.

We build the platforms, products, and experiences that transform businesses and help them thrive.


The process of branding is one that we do not take lightly at Blue Rose Media Solutions. The creativity of our team definitely plays a big role in the creation of branding solutions. Because branding is all about understanding how to position certain elements, and how to not only reach the target audiences, but to reach them effectively, we bring branding solutions that are infused with creativity and precisely calculated knowledge. Blue Rose Media Solutions is the kind of agency that will spare no efforts and go the extra mile in building a solid reputation for brands through the mastery of design.

Video Production

Branded video content tells stories that win patrons over. The art of storytelling is one of the hottest topics in marketing today. The skill principle involves the creation of one happy matrimony of unique artistry and the technical expertise. From concept to pre-production to post-production, Blue Rose Media Solutions will bring your vision to life and exceed your expectations every, single time. Blue Rose Media Solutions produces superior quality High Definition content for commercials, viral videos, documentaries, promotional videos, corporate videos, short films, training videos, marketing videos, customer testimonials, reality DVD production, streaming media and everything in between. No matter what the project or budget, Blue Rose Media Solutions is your source for video production in Atlanta and beyond. All of our best ideas are at your disposal. We offer the tools, skills, and talent that are essential to creating compelling content to the highest level of video production. We want to create something that our clients will be excited to watch and share with others.


It all begins with a camera and the human eye. Not everyone that picks up a camera is a photographer, and we here at Blue Rose Media Solutions pride ourselves in our ability to find the best photographers in the field, to bring to our clients the most unique photography that will capture the true essence of the subject and to present it in a way that elevates the project to unexpected levels of effectiveness. Whether its Corporate, Weddings, Fashion or Music, our photography stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Graphic Design

Our team of graphic designers are ready to help you convey just the right messages to your audience with designs that inspire. Our designers have done work for clients from all over the world using the latest tools and techniques that will assure that your next project conveys just the right style and substance to represent your project in the most exciting way.

Our Projects

We treat each project with its own degree of creativity. We want our clients to have their own uniqueness to represent their brand.

Summit Chase Country Club

Branding, Marketing, Video, Weddings

In The Gap – Life Coach

Branding, Design, Photography, Video, Web Design

Tyler & Necol

Video, Weddings