The Snellville Veterans Memorial


In 2014 the City of Snellville Georgia embarked on a journey that would change the city for generations to come. Snellville Mayor Pro Tem Tom Witts had a dream to relight the eternal flame which once burned as a memory of our heroes who made our freedom possible.

During construction we approached Tom with the idea of producing a documentary of the process. Since this was a very meaningful project to Tom, he wanted the video to be more then just the construction process. So between May and June of 2014, we recorded interviews and heard riveting stories of the veterans from Snellville dating back as far as the Revolutionary war up to the current war in Afghanistan. The hour long video will move you, inspire you and even make you cry.

This documentary is dedicated to the memory of those who sacrificed their lives so that we may live FREE.


City of Snellville, Georgia


July 4, 2014



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