In The Gap – Life Coach


When our friend Dominique Oscar of In The Gap Life Coaching approached us about doing a marketing project for his new life coaching business, we jumped at the opportunity. We had worked with Dominique’s wife Leiky on a marketing project for her company Chic Dominican Salon. (see project in our portfolio).

Dominique’s request in these exact words, “I WANT MY STUFF TO BE BANGING!!!” And that was all he could say lol. So we really had to put our creative thinking hats on and come up with a branded marketing solution that would be BANGING.

We partnered with our friend Claude Jeremiah from Flexfinity Media for the website design concept and our friend Layal Akkad for the logo and business card design. It took a while for us to all brainstorm the right concept for this project but in the end we were able to create a banging logo that is eye catching and matches the brand, a banging transparent business card and let me just say that these cards look so awesome in person, a banging website that is easy to navigate both on computer and mobile devices and a banging video which pretty much sums it all up. And did I mention that the end result was BANGING!!!

Dominique was more than happy with the end result. Be sure to scroll all the way down to see the full project. You can also visit the In The Gap website at


In The Gap Life Coach


October 2016


Branding, Design, Web Design, Photography, Video


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